Mr. and Mrs. Asian OU 2020

Name: Nelson Tran
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Health and Exercise Science, Pre-Dental Hygiene
Cultural Heritage: Vietnamese and Native American
Platform: Amerasian Without Borders Foundation

My dad was born and raised during the scuffle of the Vietnam War with a single mother. He struggled early on his life not knowing his true identity, along with being bullied and discriminated for being “different” because the color of his skin. After moving to the U.S. in the early 90’s, the Amerasian Without Borders Foundation personally helped me and my family out with finding our true identity. This organization has helped me find my other half and brought my family, and many others together.

The 2020 Mr. and Mrs. Asian OU Scholarship Pageant will take place on Tuesday, April 21st in Mecham Auditorium. Visit the link below to view all contestants!

2020 Mister and Miss Asian OU Scholarship Pageant Teaser